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The vineyards of Valle dell’Asso are situated in the Salento flat, an ancient wine earth.

The vines, raised to counter espalier with a density of 5000 stubs for hectare, with an age from 1 to 35 years, are located in the towns of Galatina, Cutrofiano, Sogliano Cavour and Salice Salentino. They extend for seventy hectares, with an exposure from north to south that favours the radiation of the sun on the leaves. The light of 40° the parallel on the leaves and the clusters, has an influence directed on the quality, the structure and the equilibrium of the wine. In fact during the vegetative period, the vineyards of Galatina enjoy 3,000 hours  of sunlight.

In the barren warm climate of the Salento and on the ground of medium-paste, that people call here piromāfo, that is in a position of resisting to the drought (from the Greek piro macos fight the fire), the company cultivate in dry farming, that means  without water. This technique, that allows a grape-growing of quality, previews little deep weedings that allow to the land to breathe, avoiding humidity coming up, helped from an organic balanced  dunging. Since a long time the company practices the biological agriculture that assures the  respect of the atmosphere together with the methods of traditional cultivation.

The vines present in the vineyards are those traditional ones like the Negramaro, Primitivo, black Malvasia of Lecce, Aleatico, Montepulciano of Abruzzi and Aglianico as red berry and Malvasia di Candia, Fiano of Puglia, Garganega and Chardonnay as white berry. The bench mark of the business philosophy says that "the wine first of all is born in the vine and then in wine cellar in the steel and the wood".

The company, apart from chardonnay, did not introduce international vines because they want to keep identity of the land and therefore of  salento wines. Vallecdell’Asso extends for 100 hectares: 30 hectares of olive grove of which 20 to traditional olive grove and 10 of intensive cultivation, while in others 20 hectares currently retired, the screw will return shortly.

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